- The "Mariah Carey Moment" or "I don't know her" -

Boss: Oh my... Matilda! What a shitty face! Did you go out last night?
Matilda: Not at all.
Boss: Seriously? And who's that girl in your facebook then?
Matilda: Oh my... Boss! You found my doppelganger!

hair: enVOGUE - HAIR Netty - HAIR FAIR 2017 (today last day!)
makeup: P O E M A - the choni night -
head: Catwa

necklace: LaGyo_Xenya Necklace - FREE SL FREES AND OFFERS GROUP
bracelet: .:EMO-tions:. *BAJA  *
tank: FAKEICON / daroc tank - TMD  (special price)
earring: Zafair - Torero Earrings Embroidery -Gold-
choker: [Black Bantam] The Ballet Pupil Gacha
peineta: Zafair - Peineta Carey Couture

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