Review copies

First of all thank you so much for consider my blog to review your ítems.

Yes, I accept review copies (also Frees/discount items) about appareance, but please, consider my style: retro/vintage/lady...

Please, before send me anything, ask me and we talk about your designs. I don´t care about the “fame” of the designer or the “prices” I preffer good and original work than that.

I post what I want, what I like and I think that goes with my style. I you can not accept this... Well, sorry but not interested to work with you

Other times, I am simply not inspired a couple of days or I have a lot of work from other designers, but I will put your product into my  blog, and for sure, I will contact you as soon as I do the review, with a note:  You've been blogged by MatildaSoon

If I´m offline remember please... IM´s capped all the time

Thank you so much for your time!

MatildaSoon Resident