Nº 446 and some NEWS!

shades: Luglio by Tracei
earrings: Triane by Modern Couture
sneakers: NS 
clutch: Miss Lowen
peineta: Zafair
shirt: Maricarmen by POEMA NEW NEW
pose: June by Body Language

hair Pocket Mirrors
tattoo: Roses by Tattoo Mania 
ears: Mandala

leggins: Juicy Leggings by SilverMoon
gloves: MVD
bag: MULIER x 1992
shades: Galtho by SORGO
shirt: Virginia in Spain by POEMA NEW NEW
shoes: Nayeli by LOTUS
pose: Easy by POEMA

hair: Petra by EMO-tions
tattoo: Dawn of a New Breed by Speakeasy

boots: Cruella Avatar by Boudoir
shades: Sidib by SORGO
clutch: Midi by David Heather
leggins: Juicy Leggings by SilverMoon
shirt: Viva la Luna by POEMA NEW NEW
pose: dispassion by Algorifm

tattoo: Tat 1 by GATO
hair: Isla by Amacci


Yes, after much thought, I decided to start creating some clothes.
Mostly, they are ideas that occur to me while I do the dishes. I'm not looking to make a fashion exceptional design, but a ready-to-wear for women of Second Life.

I would also like to explain something about the shirts I've done.

If you fancy, take a moment to read...
I have made three shirts so far : POEMA - CLOTHES

- Viva la Luna:
This shirt is based on the Andalusian religiosity. But under a patina of flamenco fun. That contrast between fun and drama. So I mixed the typical flamenco costume polka dots on a print of the Virgin.

- Virginia in Spain:
One of the women I admire most in the history of literature is Virginia Woolf, a different woman, who dared to always go one step further.
On the face of Virginia I printed the state of Virginia.
Why "in Spain"? Well, a nephew died in the war in Spain to defend the Republic against fascism.

- Maricarmen:
Maricarmen is a very common name in Spain, there are Maricarmenes who work as hairdressers, beauticians, clerks, janitors, presidents, housekeepers, ministers, cleaners ...
Well, that omnipresence of Maricarmenes deserved a small tribute in SL. It is based on the homespun clothes, in coveralls cleaning. Simple. Useful ...

Well, this is all I wanted to explain. I hope you liked it and you enjoy my shirts! :)

With all the love in the world.
Matilda Soon

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