Nº 415

hair: .:EMO-tions:. * WINDBLOWN 6 *

skirt: Zafair - Skirt High Long Embroidered Roses
shades: Luglio Shades Tortoiseshell by Tracei
vest: Zafair - Vest Picaor Damask Blood Unisex
top: Patane
hat: [Black Bantam] Summer Festival Tassel Hat

POSE and pool: titzuki: vapoolwave gacha (Gacha is at The Seasons Story, 75L$/play)
spa ULTRA RARE with color change & water HUD, 10 animations, 31LI
Built in animations to chill with your friends. Sit and chose a position from the menu. Only owner can adjust the positions, if you aren't the owner of the item and your avatar is too low or high, adjust our hover height: right click.