Nº 397 - My daily routine

Good morning readers! 

As many of you know, , my life being a model, a blogger, stylist and photographer some days could be so... exhausted. (Even more when you are not in your 20s!) 

So I decided to show my daily routine to stay in shape.

1. First, the attitude. Just after leaving home, I smile. That's the right attitude to start the day. 

2. Come on! Let's stretch your muscles! You have to stretch well to prevent sport injuries.

3. Ok, babes... Let’s run! RUN! RUN! RUN! (90's 4ever) 

4. There' s no need to go crazy!. In my case, with a half hour it's enough. 

5. Come on! Let’s streth your muscles again to avoid these annoying stiff muscles. 

6. But you have to do it right! Look closely at my feet. 

7. Ok guys... We’r ready! My favourite part! Let’s have a shower and a good breakfast!

8. Oh! Really important! 
Remember, everyday...
Be glamorous!

hair: *Milk* Hair~ IGGY *Blonde*
hands / feet / body: Slink

top and shorts: Stories&Co. by Flowey for Collabor88 May '16
bracers: Street Samuray Bracers -  Anachron - for Epicene Event
sneackers: HORNTAIL - Genjuro Sneakers TipToe (F)

LM: Saint Pete City

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