Me, Myself and I - Monday Meme

Here is the original Monday meme from Strawberry Singh:

I am... I am committed with to many things. Sometimes too many things
I want... I want to improve my blog, in my store ...
I have... An excellent husband.
I wish... That people continue enjoying my work.
I hate...  I do not hate.
I fear... my bad mood at certain times
I search... happiness
I wonder... what people think about my appearance.
I regret... to have deleted my old avatar.
I never... say never
I always... take everything too seriously.
I usually... work in a sandbox
I dance... all the time. I love to dance. I studied ballet.
I sing...  pretty bad.
I often... want to throw the TV out the window.
I sometimes...  I would like to be less flexible in my decisions and sometimes I´m super proud because of it.
I cry... almost never
I need... my husband
I should... continue my studies at the music conservatory.
I love... I love you!

And now the style card:

lipsticks: POEMA / Cosmetics / Lipstick - Rita
hair: **Pocket Mirrors** Marloe Wavy BLONDE Pack
hands and feet: SLINK

dress: ::SlackGirl:: Liz
monocle: Air_Luis XIV
collar: [Modern.Couture] Jewelry - Giovanna Red
cigarette: [Z O O M] Cafetin Cigar-Holder