You are the blood


hair: ..::KnocKeRs::..Retro Bettie Hair
eyeshadows: C&C - Make up - Sita sings the BLUES - Eyeshadows 4L$
lipstick: C&C - Make up - Lipstick - JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS 6L$
hands and feet: SLINK

coffee: Label Motion - My Hot Drink Subscriber Gift
scarf: Graffitiwear TFT Gift FREE
trousers: Dark side - 10L$
earrings: Miss LT - CUBEMOON - FREE
sweater: { ViVi } Debby - Cardigan Sweater Subscriber Gift
jacket: GATO- The Botanical Collection <3 Comfy Jacket
shoes: [THD] Peep Toe Boots
glasses: YUKO: Pointy Sunglasses

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